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About Us:
We delivers exceptional Residential and Commercial property and Insurance claim verification photography for property owners and General Contractors.  Photographic records created during construction and post-construction provide validation for claims made to your insurance carrier and help validate the value of your property.   

We deliver award winning photography and have been active in the Real Estate Industry, the Business Community, and with Insurance providers for over 40 years.  We do one thing and one thing only - Exceptional Photography.

Raymond Cannefax studied Architecture at the University of Utah. He is a professional photographer with extensive architectural and structural photography experience. He has chronicled the construction of major architectural projects and received national recognition for his photography of Utah's Triad Center.  
Ray is a licensed Realtor and has been involved in real estate projects since in 1984. Since 1996 he has providing both, insurance carriers and property owners with photos used in property descriptions.  He has a sound and concrete understanding of insurance company risk analysis and property owner protection needs in case of a need to defend claims.  Mr. Cannefax holds a Utah Real Estate License.
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